Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room – 107 Jones St, Savannah, GA

You don’t have to get a passport and leave the United States to have a unique experience. Savannah, Georgia is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the country. It has its own riverboat tour, a riverside boardwalk, historical tours that really bring the town to life, and it has Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.

You have not experienced eating in a family setting with people that may or may not be family until you’ve eaten lunch at Mrs. Wilkes’. Tables are designed to hold groups of 10, and you can’t get in until a table can be filled. When lunch is over, you will think you’ve made new family members; the experience is just that good!

There are some things you need to know about dining at Mrs. Wilkes’. It is a cash-only establishment, and meals are $25 per adult and half-price for children 10 and under. That’s right, leave your plastic in your wallet. You cannot use credit cards to pay for your meal. The dining room opens at 11:00am and closes at 2:00pm, and reservations are not accepted. Yes, you will have to get in line. On some days that line begins forming as early as 9:30am. Even standing in line for an hour and a half to get in the door is unique since you’re bound to make friends of those standing with you.

The menu is set, changes frequently (particularly with seasonal vegetables) and is so varied as to satisfy any appetite. You can get a little advance notice of the daily menu by checking their social media pages before you go. There really is something for everyone on each and every table.

If you truly want a real southern family meal experience you’ve got to eat at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, located at the Wilkes House. You will not forget that meal.

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