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The Process

Our advisory process begins and ends with you in mind. Our travel questionnaire, initial conversation and development of a relationship are the core of our services. Your complete satisfaction with the experience you enjoy is our only goal. We don’t just book travel, we design an experience that takes you beyond the vacation! Click the link above to complete the questionnaire and begin the process.

1. Our Initial Conversation

When we receive your travel questionnaire, we will schedule a complimentary consultation via telephone, Zoom, Skype, or in person if we are close enough. During this conversation, we will get to know one another and determine if we are a good match to work together. We will also go over your questionnaire and narrow our focus to what you have decided you would like. Once you've decided to use our services, we will collect our service fee and get to work designing your adventure according to your stated desires.

2. Your First Draft Proposal

Within one week, you are presented with a first draft of your vacation. You have the ability to approve some, all or none of this first draft. The purpose of the first draft is to ensure we are meeting the requirements of your vacation that we discussed during our initial meeting. With any revisions in hand, we will work on fine tuning the proposal to include any amenities and/or upgrades we are able to obtain for you. Again, you will be given the opportunity to review the itinerary and make any changes you deem necessary. Now, we're ready for the finalized proposal.

3. Your Final Proposal and Booking

Based on your stated wishes and revisions, we are now ready to finalize your itinerary and make the necessary reservations for your experience. We will make every reservation necessary for your vacation to be seamless to you, including concierge services if that is part of your plan. Once all reservations have been secured, you will be sent a complete travel package which will include dates, times and locations of every event or activity on your schedule.

4. Enjoy Your Experience

You are ready for departure. Just prior to your departure, you will be provided a number through which you have 24/7 access to me for the duration of your trip. While we don't anticipate any issues during your trip, sometimes things happen that are unforeseen and beyond our control. When those things happen, you are confident that you can contact the one person who can make any necessary accommodations and changes to keep your vacation on track.

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