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There are a lot of terms floating around the travel scene; expeditionary, adventure, luxury, bespoke and others. I think one of the best travel experiences is adventure travel. Just what is it, and why is it so popular?

Adventure travel is definitely not your average experience. Far from the crowds and crowded streets of major tourist areas, adventure travel gets you close to nature, very close! On an adventure experience, you may be living in a hotel or a bungalow. You might be eating in a restaurant or in a local family’s dining room. One of the biggest draws about adventure travel is how it lets you really experience the area you’re in.

There are several companies that specialize in adventure and they each have different nuances. But one thing remains constant among them; they attract travelers who like traveling in small groups or, in some cases, alone. Yes, you can have a private tour with your personal guide on an adventure experience.

Adventure travel is often classified by how much activity is involved. For example, some tours are walking, some biking, and some involve some degree of hiking. But for the person who is likes to commune with nature and see the natural environment up close, there is an experience that is, or can be, tailored just for you. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity that includes physical activity, cultural exchange, and connection with nature. The key to adventure travel is understanding that it doesn’t have to fit into anyone’s definition. Adventure travel is a mindset, more than an activity. You can find adventure in any destination on earth. All you need is a local guide who is ready to make your dream trip a reality. If you haven’t given adventure travel a try, you really should add it to your bucket list.

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